Thank you

And finally, I’d like to say thank you. To my mom, dad, Chelsea, Alif, Girl Scouts, friends, hikers, trail angels, the wild of California, Oregon and Washington: you’re all magical. This is a… Continue reading

The final stretch

Now that I’m getting settled into life back home and indoors, I’d like to share some shots from the final 89 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. Leaving Stehekin, the forecast called for… Continue reading


On September 24th I reached the U.S.-Canada border after 2,668 miles and five months. I made it! I’ll be adding more photos soon.

89 miles

Boat ride on Lake Chelan and only 89 miles to go. Canada, here I come!

Swimming and sunscreen

The weather has been warm and wonderful lately here in Washington. I know rain (and possibly snow) are likely to strike anytime, so I’m enjoying the nice weather as much as I can.… Continue reading


My penultimate stop on the trail: Skykomish, WA. Less than 200 miles stand between me and Canada!


Lots of water in Washington and I’m loving every minute of it.

Not fooling around

The trail in Washington is kicking my butt!

Rainier, morning and evening

The last stretch of trail skirted around Mount Rainier. I enjoyed coming around a switchback and catching another angle of the mountain. This is one of the first clear views I had after… Continue reading


Another thru-hiker, Scrub Hiker, invited me over to spend a night with some of his family. I had a wonderful time; thanks Scrub! Pictured here from left to right: Jenny, Scrub, Anita, and… Continue reading

Goat Rocks

A stunning ridge walk in the Goat Rocks Wilderness Another view in Goat Rocks

Canada here I come

I’m ready! Only a few hundred miles to go….

Into Washington

Bridge of the Gods, my entry point to Washington. Only 500 miles to Canada!

Old and new

New trail shoes as I head into Washington. I am over-the-moon about the miles ahead.

Resting with my mother

Before heading into Washington, I took a couple of days off with my mother in Portland. These are just a few of the books from my childhood that my mother has thankfully hung… Continue reading

Into the tunnel

Hiking behind Tunnel Falls

Crazy crossings

Along with the rain, came a few wild river crossings, like this one just outside Timberline Lodge. I usually enjoy crossings, but this one left me a bit frazzled. This is my friend,… Continue reading


The absolutely stunning Tunnel Falls near Cascade Locks, OR


Although I’ve made some great friends on the PCT, I tend to hike solo. I like planning my own day and enjoy walking alone although I do prefer to camp with others if… Continue reading

Rainy days and nights

It rained every day I was in Oregon, often for hours at a time. After hiking through 1,600 miles of clear skyes, the transition was tough. A typical Oregon view for me! But… Continue reading

Eagle Creek wonders

Shortly before arriving at the Oregon-Washington border, I hiked through the Eagle Creek alternate. The trail was filled with waterfalls and lush jungle. This is a place I will return to.

Hiker hunger

This is the stunning Timberline Lodge, where I attacked an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. I spent two hours downing five, count ’em five, plates of food. This was a wonderful little break before pushing… Continue reading

Hiker Trash

A trash can is a magical find on the trail. This one, near highway 26, was a happy surprise.

Oregon catch up

I’ve made it to Washington, the third and final state on the Pacific Crest Trail. But before I start posting Washington photos, I owe Oregon some screen time. Above is another lava rock… Continue reading

Lovely Oregon

Crater Lake and more to come

I’ve been busy hiking, so I’m behind on blogging. This is Crater Lake; I’ll be catching up on Oregon photos this weekend. More to come!

Walking on lava

Lava rock near mile 1775 on the PCT in Oregon. While it’s lovely to look at it’s a pain in the rear to hike on!

South Brown Mountain Shelter

While there are lots of shelters along the Appalachian Trail, they are rare on the PCT. So, seeing this shelter reminded me of my 2006 Appalachian Trail thru-hike.

Another angel

When I arrived at Fish Lake Resort, I was in bad shape: I’d spent the night before vomiting and hiked 19 miles on just a granola bar. Annette took one look at me… Continue reading

Trail sick

I recently picked up a nasty stomach bug. After spending a night vomiting outside my tent, I hobbled 19 miles to Fish Lake Resort, a campground 2 miles off trail. The staff there… Continue reading

It’s official

Signing my name in the California-Oregon trail register.

Oregon, finally

Mile 1699: Oregon!


A fallen tree in the trail

Town legs

The day I hike into town is always exciting. I have much to look forward to: emails from my family, a shower, laundry, rest and food. I hike fast on the days I’m… Continue reading

Trinity Alps

The Trinity Alps: one of my favorite parts of the trail.

Hiker feet

Mine are the toes with the dangling bandaid.

Slowly but surely

Canada, here I come.


Attempting to hug a tree

Personal record

A few days ago I hiked 31.5 miles in one day, a personal best for me. It’s a small accomplish, but sometimes it’s the little victories that keep me going. This photo was… Continue reading

And sunset near Shasta

first glimpse of Mount Shasta

Early morning, almost to town


Good for dancing

With love